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Mode of Shipment

We are offering different types and condition for shipment options. You can choose a shipping method while you make order form. Your shipping cost will depend on the shipping option chosen.

Terms & Conditions for shipment

  • Shipping cost depends on order size and weight and on final destinations.
  • Our products are valid for import to all destinations around the world.
  • Mode of shipment normally is determined by the customer, but certain products, or products of certain values, must be shipped by specific carriers and methods to insure safe and secure delivery.
  • Since most of our products are handmade, there can be slight variations in volumes and weights among seemingly similar shipments and quantities.
  • We use most popular shippers and handlers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and Sky Net (DPEX).
  • It might take from a week to several months transit time to receive your order, depending on the shipping option you select.

Time of delivery

If the customer prefers to send his/her consignment by Air, it takes maximum 12 days more after production period to be reached at the final Airport and the goods should be cleared from the airport. The airport should be international. This is applicable for all over the Europe, America and Asia.

Likewise if he/she prefers to send the goods through courier service (DHL, United Parcel Service, Skynet etc.), it takes maximum 7 days after production period to be delivered instead of 10 days to be delivered in the each and every final destination. It is door to door service.