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Authentic Tibetan Full Moon Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-06
Price: $125

Full Moon Singing Bowls are designed as sound therapy bowls and are of supreme quality comprising a metal mix consistent with vintage singing bowl craft. They are manufactured in Nepal by authentic singing bowl craft men for only two days in each moon cycle, one day either side of a energy rich full moon.

These bowls can fill a space with superior long-lasting magical sounds. Their metal thickness is of a wider scale, which make for a heavier bowl per diameter than most regular hand made bowls. Each one of these singing bowls is unique and plays differently. They will produce multiple frequencies across different notes with the longest lasting resonance with overtones. Each bowl is individually checked for predominant frequency range and is guaranteed to be top end quality.

Dimension: 21cm
Weight: 1500gram

Remarks: Delivery Cost will be extra, depends on your location.

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