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7 Metal Special Buddha Carving Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-08
Price: $134

This is Handmade Singing Bowl with Buddha carving inside. Singing Bowls are popularly used for meditation, traditional ritual offerings, and recently as musical instruments. It is known from different names – Meditation Chakra Bowls, Healing Singing Bowls, and Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Most of the singing bowls are composed of 7 metals which are influenced by the solar systems. They are Gold; the sun, Silver; the moon, Mercury; Mercury, Copper; Venus, Iron; Mars, Tin; Jupiter and Lead; Saturn. 

Dimension: 22cm
Weight: 1500gram


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Free Mallet and Cushion - May be different than the one shown in the picture.

We have different size of singing bowls are available on showing above Singing Bowl.

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