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Full Moon Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-04
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The traditional methods of stress relief have always been known for their healing properties without any side effects. And that is where singing bowls makes its mark. Among many singing bowls, full moon singing bowls are a little more special. They are specially crafted during the full moon of every month. This is done to capture the energy of the moon in the bowl making it more spiritually powerful. 

The bowls help you in many ways than one. If you are someone who is suffering from any mental stress or searching for ways to relax, this singing bowl is the perfect remedy for you. Mild vibrations made by the bowl resonate with the spiritual power of the full moon when it was made, thus helping you calm down. 

The subtle sounds are great for relaxation and stress relief. The full moon singing bowls are made by combining different alloys. These play a part in activating the positive energy from the full moon while relaxing you. They are handmade on the full moon of each month where it gains the name from. 

Dimension: 15cm
Weight: 680gram

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