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Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls are widely used since from the ancinet times in Nepal and Tibet mostly by the buddhist monks for meditation, religious ceremonial music, for praying as pray bowls, as traditional musical instruments, using for sound therapy, sound massage and as a tools for holistic healing from singing bowls sound.

The rich harmonic soothing sound, tones and vibration they produces harmonius energetic sound and vibration & helps to be calm and ralaxing. Moreover, in this modern time, these singing bowls, bells, gongs, ting- sha are found in meditation halls, home use, medical cures, relaxation etc and these have been found using by doctors, sound therapists, sound massage experts, health practitioners, yoga practice as curing tools for activating higher brain function, calm the nervous system, clear and purify air, relaxation and soothing mind and balance our entire being.