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7 Metal Tara Carved Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-17
Price: $250

Singing bowls vibrate to produce sound characterised by a fundamental frequency and usually two audible harmonic overtones. They can vibrate five individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency, and can sustain a vibration for several minutes.

This Tara Carving Singing Bowl has a special carving of a Buddhist deity. The whole carving inside the Singing Bowl is purely done by hand only. Tara is a female deity in both Hinduism and Buddhism who personifies compassion and offers salvation from the suffering of rebirth and death. She is thought to have been born of empathy for the suffering world and is regularly invoked for protection, guidance, and deliverance from difficult situations.

Dimension: 31cm
Weight: 2930gram


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Free Mallet and Cushion - May be different than the one shown in the picture.

We have different size of singing bowls are available on showing above Singing Bowl.

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