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Jambala Thangka Painting

Product code: thangka-p201
Price: $890

Jambhala's right hand holds a bijapuraka fruit and the left hand a mongoose. His two feet pressing down on a couch and lotus treasure and he is adorned with a blue utpala garland and jewel ornaments.

Jambhala, also known as Kuber is a wealth deity whose blessings remove the obstacle of poverty, bringing wealth and abundance to pure Dharma practitioners.

According to the legends, while Shakyamuni Buddha was teaching one day, demons tried to disturb and confuse the Buddha. Jambhala appeared in front of the Buddha and protected him. Recognizing Jambhala’s courageous action, the Buddha asked Jambala if he would like to become a Dharma Protector in order to help all sentient beings. Jambhala accepted the Buddha’s offer, and since then he has offered immediate assistance to all who call his name or chant his mantra.

His blessings bestow good luck, increase virtues, prolong life, increase intelligence, and provide both material and spiritual benefits.

Size: 53 x 76cm
Finish: With Brocade, Without Brocade
Materials: Canvas Cotton, Gold, Paint

Note: The actual colors of the thangka displayed may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color in the display is as close as to the actual colors of the Thangka Painting. Dimension measured are excluding the borders.

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