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Etching+Tibetan Mantra Carving Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-11
Price: $50

This is 7 Metal Handmade Etching with Tibetan Mantra Carving Singing Bowl. Singing Bowls are popularly used for meditation, traditional ritual offerings, and recently as musical instruments. It is known from different names – Meditation Chakra Bowls, Healing Singing Bowls, and Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Most of the singing bowls are composed of 7 metals which are influenced by the solar systems. They are Gold; the sun, Silver; the moon, Mercury; Mercury, Copper; Venus, Iron; Mars, Tin; Jupiter and Lead; Saturn. 

Dimension: 17cm
Weight: 700gram


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Free Mallet and Cushion - May be different than the one shown in the picture.

We have different size of singing bowls are available on showing above Singing Bowl.

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