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Tibetan Hand Beaten Singing Bowl

Product code: singing-bowl-15
Price: $16

This Hand Beaten Brass Singing Bowl prepared with the traditional Nepali and Tibetan procedure. In this process, the metals are firstly melted into the furnace the hot melted metal is then poured into a Gulli Cup or Dice to prepare a metal mold. Then, the molds are rolled and turned into ring metal sheets of specific size and thickness. The sheets are then beaten after precise measurement for weight and sized bowls. It produces a beautiful smooth tune and is a perfect choice for those who like traditional and antique bowls. This Tibetan Hand Beaten Singing Bowl comes with a high-quality lotus rosewood mallet and beautiful ring Tibetan fabric cushion.

Dimension: 13cm
Weight: 600gram


Delivery (shipment) Cost will be extra, depends on your location.

Free Mallet and Cushion - May be different than the one shown in the picture.

We have different size of singing bowls are available on showing above Singing Bowl.

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